Bear Simulator Progress Report #7: Textures and a Billboard

Hi, I hope you are having a great day today. First off, made a Kickstarter update, check that yo.

Now, on to this progress report. It’s about textures, YEAH!

So whilst making up some textures for this bear game I am sneaking messages in along with strange text, for example:

Trying to not overdo it and also trying to not use much “internet humor” since that can get pretty cringey. So I’m hovering between making the references subtle to glaringly obvious.

For this billboard I bought, it was blank and I had no idea wtf to put on it:

So I decided to be an egoist and put my website on it, along with a stock photo of a lady laughing to herself and eating salad:

That was a good decision.


EDIT: Just noticed I mispelled on that billboard, supposed to be “everywhere” not everwhere.

Bear Simulator Progress Report #6: Like ya know whatever


Hi, uhh. …OH. Update time. Still working on an assortment of things, I shift focus from one thing to another every so often. For example at one point I’ll be working on the terrain, then I’ll move onto web stuff, next I’ll go onto texturing/modeling. It’s an okay system that keeps me from getting bored/going mad but it means everything is in unfinished pieces.

Need to move onto implementing backer submissions which is why I need to finish a Kickstarter update post to go along with it. But you can’t just have a boring text-only update, you need to spruce it up with fancy artwork, take this header sneak peak for example:


General Updates:

  • I have things I want to show off but I’m just waiting on stuff. See, I want to save most of the screenshots for the website/Steam, I want to save some of the new features and videos for when the game is on Steam Greenlight for promotions, saving behind the scene’s stuff and other oddities for the Bear Book, and so forth.
  • Speaking about the Bear Book, still trying to figure out what content to post on these updates/social media and what to save for the Bear Book.

  • Totally forgot that I made a sweet preview thing for my last update and never posted it anywhere so I’m posting it here:


  • I made a facebook page for this game studio right here. All the other hip game studios have one so I wanted to fit in.

Not sure what I’ll post there tho.

Game Updates:

  • Been tinkering with water a lot. Both underwater and overwater.
  • Got those Lost references done. Check the sonar fence:


  • Kickstarter Island is coming along nicely. It’s been remade into a cozy island that’s set in perpetual autumn. There will be more info in the kickstarter update but here’s a peak at the entrance sign that will greet you in the Kickstarter Art Musuem:



  1. DRM: I’m not going to put any DRM on the game wtf you guys. (I don’t think Steam counts as DRM.)
  2. Steam: Even though it would make things a whole lot easier it’s not a sure thing that the game will be on steam. Saving promotional stuff for when I put it on Greenlight in hopes it would build up hype and get people to vote for it. (also Gaben pls)

  3. Price: The game is probably going to be $15.

  4. The Game’s Theme: I’m not taking this 100% realistically. I’m aiming for a tounge-in-cheek bear adventure game.

  5. Release: I’m definitely trying to get the game out before the holidays.

  6. Polar Bears!: I’m going to save polar bears for a later game update, they won’t in be on release. I think that’s for the best, it will let me dedicate time for a worthwhile polar bear addition.

  7. Second Chance to get Kickstarter rewards: I’ll eventually set up a paypal thing so people can get some of the backer rewards for a limited time.

Wrapping Up:

Anywho, working on a Kickstarter Update and sending backer surveys. I WILL ACCOMPLISH IT SOON AND IF I DON’T I WILL EAT AN ENTIRE LEMON RIND AND ALL.

Also I want to ship out physical rewards asap to get that out of the way.

- John

Progress report #5: A new beginning

Uh, hi, hello, how are you? John here with another enthralling progress report, I don’t know why the f I’m calling it “A New Beginning” but anyways, I ditched the whole fancy-progress-report-compressed-in-a-image because that wasn’t a good idea at all, for many numerous reasons.

First of all I redid the studio site (I’m gonna update it after I post this), the logo and made a sweet banner up there. I tried to make the banner look similar to Zeal from Chrono Trigger because that was by far the best location in any game of all time ever. Seriously, check this:

I think the site looks okay, it’s p bright and cheerful, it has a sidebar and a few pages with info game studios tend to have, it’s got sweet social media buttons up there, posts are displayed simple enough with a share button for facebook/twitter/google. Someone told me to add a “Pin to Pinterest” button but I don’t know wtf pinterest is.

General Updates:

  • I really need to friggen make a Kickstarter update for some news and such since I don’t know how many of the backers are actually reading these updates plus it’s been a while. Also need to send out backer surveys before the end of this month because I said I would in the last update(!)

  • Got entirely fed up with web stuff so I went through a web design crash course. I read this entire site here and learned Adobe Muse. Tried getting help with it but that hasn’t worked out at all so I was like, “Bah, I’ll just do it myself, you have stood in my way for long enough web stuff!”

  • I was planning on doing a lot of different kinds of advertisements and updates but realized I can’t do that so much during development. It’s difficult to make updates and stuff when no one can play the game. Going to save all the stuff I have planned for after the game is done/close to being done.

Game Updates:

  • Check out the sweet new in-game Bear Arms #SweetBearArmsYo

The new Bear Arms are actually scientifically accurate in scale, shape and color. Because I only want the best bear arms in my bear game. Got all the animations for them done too, made a variety of anims for every occasion. #Hype4AnimatedBearArms

  • Oh Em Gee you guys, there’s DIVING. #OhEmGee

You can bear dive for how ever long you can hold your breath as determined by the DIVE bear stat. This makes adding secret areas all the more fun and made the Coast Region open to grander possibilities so I’m hella excite. (Yes I realize bears don’t usually dive but it’s fun so shush.)

  • I was trying to make it so when you look down when standing you can see your bear feet but can’t get it to look/work right. #SadNews


Going to tell you some of what I actually have done thus far.

  • Got the bear control all done, you can crawl, run and walk around on 2 legs, all of which give allow for different abilities. Also there’s swimming, climbing, swiping and more.
  • Made a sweet new teaser trailer, I’ll premiere it when I put the game on Steam Greenlight and send out beta testing for beta testers. I was thinking about making a teaser of the teaser trailer but that might be too meta.
  • The game’s new promotional stuff like the title page and logo are done along with all the art for the physical rewards, stickers, bear card, etc. They’re all crazy high resolution too. Sneak peak of the new title:

  • The Hub Region, the Mountain Region, the Lake Region and the Caves are all done. (Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re playable, they’re still dependent on a bunch of other things that aren’t finished.)
  • Found a delicate balance between good graphics and good performance. That was crazy complicated. Friggen culling, colliders, all that jazz, y u gotta be so complicated.
  • Finished the “Backer List” for the game’s website which I’m relativity proud of. Going to post a teaser of it on muh twitter.


At the moment I’m focused on making a playable version for Beta Testers, writing a Kickstarter update, sending out backer surveys to get backer info and putting the game on Steam Greenlight. Need to put it on there asap but I also have to finish the beta test so other people can play it and judge it first.

Another thing I’ve been concerned about with this whole thing is what if I end up making a sub par bear game? CAN YOU IMAGINE THE HUMILIATION AND SHAME IF I DID?! People will be like:

Hey there’s the person who made that sub-par bear game. How embarrassing.”


- John

Merry belated progress report day!
It’s pretty fancy so hopefully that makes up for the lateness. Future progress reports should have more pics and game info.
• View in High-Res

Merry belated progress report day!

It’s pretty fancy so hopefully that makes up for the lateness. Future progress reports should have more pics and game info.

Bear Simulator Progress Report #3: Maximizing Explore

Woo, progress report time! This one is kind of late and relativity unplanned because I wanted to do a progress report on something else but I have to wait on something to report on the something.

Anywho to start off, I already had all of the regions/maps planned out and in some cases completely finished a while ago. BUT after seeing the interest and now having the resources and drive, I’ve been expanding each region/map while others are completely being remade and some new ones are being created. So that’s the main thing being worked on at the moment.

To explain further it’d prob be easier to use pictures so that’s whats gon happen yo!

That was just an example of the Hub Region’s map size, all the other maps are getting upgraded and changed up as well, some of the planned changes are explained further down. Along with making the maps larger, I’m trying to make sure there’s always something in your general area to explore/examine, be it a strange rock formation, ancient ruins or even an old mysterious tree.

The only region not being changed is the Spooky Woods for the Spooky Woods are perfect and cannot be improved upon. Plus I get 2scared working on them and I don’t want to go back.

A problem I ran into with having large maps filled with stuff is that it was starting to make the framerate choppy. I was just going to put a wall of fog in front of you like so:

The fog wouldn’t be that bad but this is just to give you an over dramatic idea of what I mean by having layer of fog in front of you.

That seemed kind of like the lazy way out, not to mention I really liked to see everything that awaited in the distance. So with help and diligent research I’ve managed to keep everything in check having errything remain in the distance.

Got it to stay at a constant and decent frame rate without any hiccups while displaying all the nature-ness that lies ahead. I’ve actually been going through each map every so often looking for any areas that caused the frame rate to drop and trying to fix whatever was causing them.

Other Changes:

  • The Mountain Region is no longer a snowy region. It’s a desolate wasteland with dead trees and steep drop offs. I’m calling it Death Mountain at the moment. Decided to save the snowy region for *something else*. Mountain region is still p cool though, it’s quickly become a personal fav.
  • The Lake Region or the Field Region were both kind of boring individually so they preformed a fusion dance.

  • After watching Lost again I’m not entirely sure how far I want to take the Lost references. Must try to limit myself before I take them too far and the game becomes a giant Lost reference.

This is my concern:

“Hey did you play that new Lost game?”

“No, what’s it called?”

“It’s named Bear Simulator for some reason.”


  • Completely changing the story, will probably need a blog post on this later to explain further.
  • I’m adding ducks, but not just ANY old ducks, DUCKS WHO WADDLE AROUND PONDS.

It’s more likely than you think.

Wrapping up:

I’m not really liking this blog’s design and layout, so I’m probably going to remake it again soon. I also need to set up better contact info.

Must admit I’m having some problems setting up and organizing things outside of making the game but I’m slowly getting it all worked out. Also I have lots of stuff I want to show but I’m waiting for the new website to get finished to show it off.

Uhh, I can’t figure out a good way to end this progress report.

- John

Ehh, that’s fine I guess.

Bear Simulator Progress Report #2

Alright, progress report time. Things are still boring right now from the backer point of view, boring to the max. Hopefully upcoming events will be worth the wait.

Short Updates:

  • The game’s website keeps going down, just going to move to a dedicated webhost. I don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place, instead I went with cloud hosting a virtual server because apparently I like to make things as complicated as possible.

  • Really need to start using Twitter/reddit/various forums more to discuss this bear game with bear fans because it’s important and I don’t want to anger the bear fans. Just need to get more organized and stop being stupid. I’m unorganized right now like you wouldn’t even believe.
  • Here’s a new screenshot of the game right now. I think it’s needed because this post won’t have any pictures otherwise.


Don’t want to post a whole lot yet this early because the game is constantly being changed up, also the old HUD and bear arms are gone! I DESTROYED THEM!

System Requirements (General Idea):

For the curious, here is a general idea of the Window’s system requirements, it’s the main system I’ve been testing the game out on so far but they totally aren’t final:

  • Windows 8
  • Intel i5 @ 3.30 GHz
  • Geforce GTX 550 Ti
  • 4GB Ram

Runs at 60-70 FPS with a 1680x1050 resolution at current max settings. This is without optional/advanced features such as Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Water Reflections and High Resolution Shadows but those shouldn’t bog it down too much. Well, water reflections will, those be cray cray resource hogs.

Linux and Mac system requirements to come.

Stuff purchased so far:

  • Lot’s o’ 3D models: Mostly nature models, trees, rocks, bushes and edibles. Also decorative things like signs and fences along with some animal models to replace the placeholders. ALSO I BOUGHT A SWEET BEAR MODEL #OMG
  • Lot’s o textures: Ground textures like dirt and leaves plus grass and flower billboards.

  • A few sound effects: Still not ready to fully deck out with sound effects yet.

  • Computer equipment: Backup storage stuff, a few PC controllers, a Mac Pro for OSX testing along with the ability to make schmancy media.

  • Various Software licenses: Updated Adobe Suite, the game engine, various things here and there.
  • Freelance help: Been paying peeps for freelance help. Apparently I can’t pay people with pictures of bears? That was news to me.

TL;DR: Mostly boring stuff.

General timeline of things to happen:

  • Soon:
  1. Fancy Website!
  2. Updated Screenshots!
  3. A picture of the Bear Coat!
  • Near Future:

  1. Teaser Trailer – A trailer showing how the game will officially look and play, no alpha shenanigans.

  2. Beta Test – Should be pretty hype.

  3. Steam Greenlight!

  4. (Possible) The first of the Bear Behind the Scenes Documentary series?

After rereading, this has been a really weird progress report. #Yay4WeirdProgressReports

Anywho, if you want to contact me send an email to, then she’ll contact me, messaging is sort of all daisy chained together until I can setup a better system.

Next update will be coolio fur sure.

Bear Simulator Progress Report #1

Time for a progress report. It’s about rocks! YEAH!

“What, rocks? I don’t care about this!” You’re probably angrily yelling it out loud, scaring the people in your immediate area but rocks are an important aspect in games.

Most of the game has been using placeholder rocks for testing, for example:

But you can’t have a respectable game with rocks like that, you’ll be laughed at and insulted relentlessly.

So, I’ve been replacing these rocks with new, fancier rocks! Kapow!:

Donkey has it right

Also here’s a sneak peak at the new den. Before and after:

Some other non-rock related progress:

  • Most of the scenery and areas in the trailer are being changed (for the better).

  • Still trying to organize everything, namely freelancers and extra help.

  • The overweight raccoon is being modeled as I type this(!)

  • Some terrible progress news: I’m running into some complications with Kickstarter Island but I’m like 80% sure I can remedy it. It sucks because I have most of the island already set up to take the backer submissions but alas, there was something I didn’t take into account before creating the island and rewards. If worst comes to worst I may end up having to refund the people who backed at those tiers. REALLY hope it doesn’t come to that because KS Island will be magical.

That’s it for the first progress report.

How to make the Bear Simulator title picture.

The step by step progress of how I made the Bear Simulator title, should be a really exciting tutorial so let’s get started.

  • Step 1: Model a Bear


  • Step 2: Realize you can’t model a bear and download one.


  • Step 3: Bring bear model into your favorite modeling program and shift it’s head askew.


  • Step 4: Position camera and throw a fish in Bear’s mouth


  • Step 5: Do a great job of texturing, add lighting and water, then render that mofo.


  • Step 6: Render that bear’s wireframe too.


  • Step 7: Bring render into photoshop and adjust color so it isn’t awful and add a background.


  • Step 8: Cover up terrible texturing job.


  • Step 9: Overlay the wireframe so it looks all digital while still keeping it’s bear-like glow. Add some foreground stuff.


  • Step 10: You slap on the title and you got yourself a Bear Simulator title picture.


I don’t know about you guys, but this is a really good tutorial.

Onto another point, much better updates will be posted in the future. I just needed something to post so this page isn’t empty. Also I’ll most likely update this title picture in the future making this awesome tutorial completely pointless!